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Revenue & Tax Proposals FY 2025

Tax Policy is a central issue during the current wavering economic conditions and the Presidential Race 2024. While the budget proposals would need sufficient support to be passed by Congress, it is a pivotal time for tax policy as the provisions of 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will expire after 2025.

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Starting the new Tax Cycle

At ACCO, our objectives encompass providing customers with the most effective ways to achieve long-term company and personal goals. As we step into the new tax cycle, business owners and leaders will need a strategic mindset to embrace challenges and seize opportunities.

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New Minimum Wage Ordinance

Wages do not necessarily increase with inflation, however state, city and county laws may address specific industries and business locations. Please be advised of employment standards according to Federal, State, and local government laws.

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Shohei Ohtani’s New Contract & Taxation

Shohei Ohtani’s signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers on December 11, 2023, for 10 years and $700 million. It is the largest contract for any player among North American team sports. Today we outline some of the conditions and tax considerations for the deal.

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ERC Tax Credit Update

Due to the 3-year statute of limitations for 941 amendments, the ERC is now pertinent as the 2020 and 2021 quarterly amendments are nearing the final due dates. ERC claimants may file ERC-VDP to repay and avoid penalties and interest. Meanwhile, business owner ERC-applicants are anxiously waiting for IRS processing.

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Foreign Company Expansion to the US

Depending on the content and purpose of your business activities, there are several considerations for planning a U.S. expansion, including corporate law & jurisdiction, professional accounting & legal services, agency representation, tax requirements and compliance. Often an accounting firm with tax and advisory services will provide the necessary guidance and tax filings to support the business life cycle.

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Former President’s Tax Returns: A Simplified Effective Tax Rate (Part 1)

The House Ways and Means Committee publicly released Donald Trump’s Tax Returns on Dec 30, 2022, for 6 tax years from 2015 to 2020. Today we provide a summary table and simplified calculation of effective tax rate.  Each tax return extends from 500 to 1000 pages. We note that the Tax Preparer for 2015-2019 was Donald Bender from Mazars USA LLP. Then for 2020, the preparer was changed to Timothy P Horan of BKM Sowan Horan LLP (merged with CohnReznik in 2022).  Table: Summary of reported Tax Returns 2015-2020   2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Wages $14,141 $978 $373,629 $393,957 $393,928 $393,229 Taxable Interest $9,393,096 $8,994,141 $6,758,494 $9,435,377 $11,332,436 $10,626,179 Dividends $1,729,897 $337,938 $21,984 $60,254 $71,921 $25,347 Business Income -$599,030 $8,797,393 $1,433,030 -$430,408 -$225,560 -$29,686 Capital Gain $35,835,453 $10,941,053 $7,528,298 $22,015,123 $9,257,197 $0 Other Gains $7,882,011 -$444,633 $33,740 $0 $0 -$501,255 Pensions & Annuities $77,808 $77,808 $84,351 $86,532 $86,532 $86,532 Rental Real Estate, Partnerships, etc. -$7,882,011 -$15,939,523 -$16,746,815 -$1,192,220 -$16,472,951 -$15,676,469 Other Income -$76,909,237 -$44,955,324 -$12,306,111 $4,826,478 -$16,698,511 -$15,825,345 Taxable Income $0 $0 $0 $22,951,389 $2,975,173 $0 Net Tax $641,931 $750 $750 $999,466 $133,445 $0 Zero Taxable Income and Tax Provided in the summary table above, Donald Trump’s tax returns were $0 taxable income and $0 tax for 4 of 6 years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2020). It is noted that the first order calculation of $0 taxable income and $0 income tax are not used in the final net tax due. AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) Tax avoidance can be legally achieved. In many of the years, the losses in business income, passive income (rental, real estate, etc.), and other income offset much of the income from the earned income, fixed and retirement income. Whether the losses were qualified and did not exceed limitations were permitted upon further audit, while the prepared tax return had claimed the qualifications. For claiming such exorbitant losses exceeding the income, we believe the IRS should have audited the tax returns. Note that there were additional taxes due and paid, including self-employment tax, household employment tax, and Medicare. We propose to set aside these details, since the amounts are small (in thousands) relative to other tax amounts (in millions).  The AMT is a separate tax calculation to ensure wealthy taxpayers, who may received many tax preferences, pay a minimum tax. The AMT rate for this case was 28%, and being higher than the income tax calculation, the total tax incurred $2 million to $7 million in taxes. Since the AMT calculation is higher than the Income Tax calculation, the AMT tax amount is used. Tax Credits The General Business Credit 3800 offset a significant portion of the taxes owed. What is the Form 3800? We will provide more details in further insights. For now, the net tax is the higher of Taxable Income calculation and AMT with offsetting the tax credits. Simplified Effective Tax Rate We take a simplified approach to determine the tax rate for total income. – The capital gain was variable, from positive to very high gain. We may exclude it from the calculation, as it would only further decrease the effective tax rate. – The losses from business, passive, and other income are excluded, taking an audit’s perspective where losses are not qualified. Thus, we provide an answer — given the earned income, passive (interest/dividend), and retirement income, what was the effective tax rate on the respective total income?   2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Simplified Effective Tax Rate 5.72% 0.01% 0.01% 10.02% 1.12% 0.00% For IRS tax brackets in 2024, the first bracket starts at 10% for up to $11,600. The tax brackets scale from 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35%, to 37%.  INDIVIDUAL SERVICES

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Recession Plan for Long-Term Growth

Achieving financial security while seizing opportunities becomes a challenging balance among industry competition. Our consultants can work through the various course strategies, identify and address roadblocks, and provide prudent methods and insights to achieve company progress and goals.

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Company Formation Service Whether starting a business for the first time or adding a new US subsidiary, we can help guide and execute on incorporating a new business. We always strive to be prompt, competitive, and accurate and offer services at a competitive price. Our services have

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Overview Clients Corporate Tax Return From tax planning to filing, our team of experts can address the most complex tax planning and compliance needs and help get your business on the right track. We provide strategic solutions associated with individuals, compliance, reporting, and law to

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Overview Clients Global Service Our experience extends across industries and borders, which gives us a unique perspective to bring to each client relationship. At ACCO, we’re dedicated to helping businesses solve their most complex challenges and realize their greatest ambitions. Our services have enabled company owners

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Audit Support Service Our tax professionals can support Federal & State Notices and recommend the best course of action. We recommend considering the received letter without delay, such that delinquency does not result in missed opportunities or penalties. In the case of audit, the procedures

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