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Corporate Tax Return

From tax planning to filing, our team of experts can address the most complex tax planning and compliance needs and help get your business on the right track. We provide strategic solutions associated with individuals, compliance, reporting, and law to help your business succeed.

Main Service Contents

  • IRS / FTB Tax Returns for US- and Foreign Corporations 
  • Multi-State Allocation & Apportionment (tax filings support for all 50 states)
  • International Tax
  • E-filing & Paper-filing Tax Return and Extension

Tax Return Preparation
Our Tax Return Preparation involves preparation and/or review of financial information including but not limited to the following:

  • Individual, Partnership, Corporate, Trust, Estate, Gift Tax Return preparation
  • Evaluation & Tax Planning for Entity Structure 
  • Wholesale / Retail Accounting & Inventory
  • Corporation Taxes including Payroll Tax, Property Tax, Sales & Use Tax, Excise Tax, etc
  • Cash & Accrual Basis, Revenue Recognition
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Loans, Cancellation of Debt
  • Multi-State Allocation & Apportionment
  • Consolidated Tax Return for Affiliated Companies
  • Foreign Related Parties, Accounts, Assets, and Transactions & Expatriates
  • Multi-Currency and Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss
  • Implementation of Credits and Incentives
  • Financial Statements & General Ledger

Tax Planning and Execution
We blend technology and business acumen that is critical for business success. Corporate accounting can become increasingly complex and may lead to both opportunities and pitfalls that can impact the business operations. At ACCO, our tax professionals help prepare and manage the complex requirements of today’s tax landscape by navigating the business details: transaction and revenue recognition, tax filing deadlines and extensions, qualifying deductions and credits, risk and liabilities, utilizing carryovers such as prior Net-Operating Loss (NOL), avoid double taxation, tax credit limitations and expirations, statute of limitations, government programs and incentives, etc. Through Tax Planning, we can help manage and preserve businesses and wealth, execute on tax filings, and avail readiness for positions on government inquiry. 

Tax Credits and Incentives
We can help stay current on the most recent Tax Credit and Incentives to avoid any missed opportunities. In many cases of government programs’ qualifications, it is needed to provide up-to-date tax filings, records, and statements. Furthermore, some programs require government oversight for near-term future with timely filed tax returns and reports. Accounting services can provide a basis for business growth while also provide insights on promotions and additional competitive advantages. 

Tax Compliance
With the rapid pace of regulatory change and evolving tax laws at the local and national level, global businesses will need to stay current on tax developments to meet demands for transparency and financial information. Additionally, businesses will need to stay ahead of revenue authorities who are increasing digitalization. We can help develop and execute a tax compliance strategy that meets the expectations of regulators, auditors, and adds value to your company’s objectives.

Industries Service

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