Services for Individual Customers

We take on complex challenges that are cross-functional with foreign tax, individual/business, technology, and financial risk management. We always strive to be prompt, competitive, and accurate and offer our services at a conscientious price.

Personal Tax Return

Confidently file your annual tax return with trusted tax experts. Remove worry of deadlines and fees.

Self-Employed, Partnership

Become faster, more flexible, and improve focus on customers and business growth.

Tax Resolution

Retain a trusted firm who can resolve assessments and audits.

Foreign & Non-Resident

Navigate the tax and legal requirements of expatriates, US residents and non-residents, including FBAR, ITIN, Expatriate, Residency, etc.


Avoid double taxation and inheritance tax for Estates dealing between US and foreign inheritance.

Individual Tax Return
What can we help you achieve?

  •   Foreign Expatriate
  •   Foreign Income Gross-up
  •   High Net Worth, Pension, Retirement
  •   Sale of Assets and Properties
  •   Business Owners, Managers, and Employee Staff
  •   Employment visa (O, L, E, J, F, R, H)

  •   Capital Gains, Investments & Digital Currency
  •   FBAR, FATCA, and IRC 6038
  •   ITIN Application
  •   Stock Options & RSU Grants
  •   Rental Property, Partnership K-1, and Passive Income
  •   International and Multi-State Taxation