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Consulting Service

Our Consulting Services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, including strategy, technology, corporate tax & finance, marketing, operations, and data analytics. We bring deep, functional expertise, while maintaining a comprehensive perspective of our client engagements. We have earned the trust of companies that have expanded into the United States with our reliable and detailed services.

Main Service Contents

  • Payroll Tax Calculation and Payment Procedure
  • IRS / EDD Documentation and Tax Report
  • Create and issue payroll checks and direct deposit ACH transfer
  • Shipping Payroll Check and Documentation
  • Issuance of Annual Reports, W2 and 1099’s

Transform Your Business
Using industry insights and the latest technologies, we help businesses of diverse industries and market sizes to create impactful solutions. 

Avoid Complications
We have helped clients resolve and avoid headaches in payroll schedules, deadlines, and penalties.

  • Employers must pay every three months FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) and the State of California UI (Unemployment Insurance), ETT (Employment Training Tax) reporting and payment procedures.
  • We support change of payroll systems, schedule, and bonus calculations.
  • Calculation of manual checks and final check.
  • We provide tailored support where large payroll providers may not provide attentive resources.

Expertise When Needed
While we maintain insights to market trends and industry competition, our firm has processed payroll for a variety of industries at each stage of business growth. We understand the needs of payroll clients and hope that our services can be accustomed.

  • Retirement plans
  • Foreign workers + Individual Tax Return
  • Expatriates and Gross-up Payroll Calculation
  • Time clock solution
  • Support for Payroll Notices, State Registration, Workers Comp Insurance, etc.

Outsourced Advantage
Outsourcing payroll can have benefits in cost, stability, and accountability, and as a long-term solution:

  • Administrative Staff Reduction and/or Continuity
  • Professional Back-Office 
  • Virtual Office
  • Payroll Expertise and Verification

Industries Service

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We keep in mind that our business opportunities are fully realized when we can further our client's growth and development.